Sentry II® WLS Motor System

This Sentry II WLS system truly takes over where our Sentry® 2000 left off. The new electronics package provides many new features to enhance a homes comfort and its owner’s peace of mind. 
A sleek design and quiet motor are engineered into this exciting digitally motorized system. The Sentry II WLS (window & light skylights) system retrofits casement or awning windows formerly operated by Truth hand cranks.The Sentry II WLS system has a rain sensor which automatically closes the window at the first sign of moisture.

product highlights

  • Recommended for:  aluminum, composite, vinyl, and wood
  • Retrofits onto casement and awning windows and light skylights operated with a hand crank. The motor system drives the same input the handle is attached to
  • Power conversion built right into the wall mounted control package - no more transformers to complicate and add expense to the installation 
  • Power Blind System compatible. Centralized power window system control is now possible with Sentry II. 
  • The Sentry II’s remote and wall switch can be used to control both window and blind motors for convenient, centralized control
  • Power Protected Memory eliminates the need to “reset” or retrain the motor after a power outage. 
  • RF remote compatibility built into all motor control packages as a standard feature. 
  • Rain Sensor - standard with all kits, automatically closes the window or skylight at the first sign of moisture. 
  • ETL Listed and CE Approved. Meets all requirements for Class II installations 
  • Safety - Automatic motor reversal has been engineered into the system which is intended to reverse the motor should an obstruction stop the window while closing. 
  • Motorized Sash Locks are available for use with the WLS system for casement and awning windows 
  • Building Automation Systems can easily be tied into the control electronics for virtually limitless ventilation possibilities


Part # Series Model Mount Type
2109953 43 Sentry II WLS Sill
2109954 43 Sentry II WLS Sill
2109957 43 Sentry II WLS Sill
2109958 43 Sentry II WLS Sill
2125145 43 Sentry II WLS Sill








32 White
32 White