Manual Skylight Operators

Compatible with wood, metal or vinyl skylights, our Manual skylight operators are easy to install, simple to use and can lift up to 140 lbs. - with minimal effort. The Skylight operator system offers you the flexibility the marketplace demands, the quality your windows deserve.  The Skylight operator system is easy to install and compatible with wood, metal or vinyl framed skylights.

product highlights

  • Our special high gear reduction provides the low torque needed to lift a maximum sash weight of 140 lbs. (63.6 kg.) with minimum effort 
  • For ease of factory or field installations, the steel chain is detachable at the sash
  • An acetal case liner keeps the chain and sprocket sliding smoothly, easing the force required to open the window
  • The high-pressure, zinc die-cast case is phosphate coated, electrostatically painted to provide a finish that resists chipping and flaking 
  • The worm gear is made from hardened steel for lasting service