Positive Action Lock 19.63 Series

The 19.63 series lock design is available with an easy slide tab design. A simple movement of the locking tab disengages the lock allowing the sash to move freely and automatically relocks upon closing the window.

Product Highlights

  • Recommended for:  aluminum, composite, vinyl, and wood
  • Quickly and easily unlocked by using the finger pull on the top cover
  • Automatically relocks when the window is closed
  • Improved aesthetics with 13385.XX snap on cover that conceals the mounting screws
  • Text is located under the pull on the lock to indicated an un-locked condition when the lock bolt is retracted
  • Audible click gives feedback when the window is being locked or unlocked


Part # Handing Color Code Color Name Hole Backset
2009667 Non Handed 00 Natural N/A
2009695 Non Handed WC WC White N/A
2009696 Non Handed 24 Beige N/A
2009697 Non Handed 32 32 White N/A
2009698 Non Handed 41 Sahara Beige N/A


Sahara Beige
Sahara Beige


32 White
32 White
WC White
WC White