747 Series

The 747 series is an inverted B&T system utilizing our T-lock system. A grooved channel allows for a straight drop sash installation which is preferred in many installation settings. This system is ideal for new construction and replacement windows.

product highlights

  • Recommended for:  aluminum, composite, vinyl, and wood
  • AAMA 902 Certified
  • Reverse laced with full travel up to 45 lbs.
  • 1" or 1.25" t-locks available
  • Side locking shoe options. Also has spring lock option available for higher locking force
  • Can accommodate weights from 3 lbs. to 45 lbs.
  • Balance travels with the sash so that it is not seen in the window
  • No balance covers needed, easy installation before or after assembly with t-lock - Inverted Mount
  • Grooved channel allows straight drop-in sash installation
  • Shipped completely assembled ready to install


Attribute Value
Weight Capacity 5 - 45 lbs (50 lbs Limited Travel)
Length Range 12" - 45"