Safety Products and Limiters

Support Arm

Our sash control devices come in three varieties: limit devices, friction adjustors, and support arms. Limit devices restrict the opening on projected or casement windows - a variety of track and arm lengths are available. Friction adjustors are used to add friction to hinges on projected windows. 

For top-hung windows, support arms are available which extend open to full extension and then automatically lock into place. The window is then pushed open to unlock and then the support arm will allow the window to close once again.

product highlights

  • 200 lbs compression load resistance (loads based on using  2 limiters per window)
  • 500 lbs tension load resistance (loads based on using  2 limiters per window)
  • Wide range of lengths to suit all sash sizes


Part # Material Type Hinge Pocket Height Length
2121578 Stainless Steel 0.625" 10"
2121579 Stainless Steel 0.625" 12"
2121580 Stainless Steel 0.625" 12"
2121581 Stainless Steel 0.625" 14"
2121582 Stainless Steel 0.625" 16"
2121584 Stainless Steel 0.625" 20"
2121585 Stainless Steel 0.625" 22"
2121586 Stainless Steel 0.625" 24"
2121587 Stainless Steel 0.625" 28"
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel