Safety Products and Limiters

SafeGard® 2

The easy to operate SafeGard 2R is designed to limit the window opening to less than 4”. Designed to allow for factory installation as well as field application by trained personnel. Fits in the standard hinge cavity of 0.719"W x 0.438"H (nominal). Arm assembly has a decal with simple operating instructions, and track is assembled with visible colored plastic to discern the separate operations. . 

This patented releasable limit device for windows meets the ASTM F2090 (window fall prevention) safety requirements for self-resetting, egress capable, fall prevention devices.

product highlights

  • Product will limit the window opening to less than 4” and requires two actions to release the device allowing the window to open fully for egress purposes
  • WOCD and egress release will not reduce the open area of the window unit beyond applicable code requirements
  • Avoids interference with operation or performance of a window
  • Features and Benefits beyond ASTM F2090-17
  • Fully concealed unit after installation and window in closed position
  • Easy and accurate installation in the factory or field for residential applications (SafeGard™2R) and factory or field commercial applications (SafeGard™2C)
  • Built-in forgiveness with field adjustment feature and allowing for up to 1/8” sash sag
  • All adjustments can be done inside the home after window is installed
  • Pan head screw (SS) use for ease of handling
  • Concealed arm after released from track
  • Window Opening Control Devices as required by ASTM F2090-17, the standard specification for window control devices with emergency (egress) release mechanisms
  • Actions to release the device for egress purposes are to be performed without the use of keys, tools or special knowledge
  • WOCD will automatically re-latch when window is fully closed
  • Recommended Mounting Screws. #8 Pan Head, length and screw type dependent on application


Part # Material Type Hinge Pocket Height Length
15483.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15484.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15489.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15490.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15491.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15492.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15493.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15494.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15497.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15498.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15499.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15500.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15732.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
15733.00.1 Stainless Steel 7/16" 5.5"
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel