Safety Products and Limiters

FA22 and FA33 Series

Our sash control devices come in three varieties: Limit devices, friction adjustors and support arms. Limit devices restrict the opening on projected or casement windows. A variety of track and arm lengths are available. Friction adjustors are used to add friction to hinges on projected windows. For top-hung windows, Support arms are available in two models. The first opens to full extension and automatically locks into place. The second, designed to extend only 1.5", opens fully with the addition of a key. Once the key is removed, the arm automatically resets when closed.

product highlights

  • Friction adjustors are used either as a limit device or for additional friction in conjunction with certain types of hinging on projected windows.
  • Adjusting set screw in the sliding brass shoe, a homeowner can easily adjust the tension required to open and close the window.
  • Limit device hardware is designed to restrict the opening on projected or casement windows. This mechanism automatically stops the vent at a safety position as required by the user, or required by law.


Part # Material Type Hinge Pocket Height Length
2121605 Stainless Steel 0.5" 8"
2121609 Stainless Steel 0.5" 12"
2121610 Stainless Steel 0.5" 12"
2121611 Stainless Steel 0.5" 14"
2121612 Stainless Steel 0.625" 10"
2121613 Stainless Steel 0.625" 10"
2121614 Stainless Steel 0.625" 12"
2121615 Stainless Steel 0.625" 12"
2121616 Stainless Steel 0.625" 14"
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel