Safety Products and Limiters

99 Series

Our sash control devices come in three varieties: limit devices, friction adjustors and support arms. Limit devices restrict the opening on projected or casement windows. A variety of track and arm lengths are available. Friction adjustors are used to add friction to hinges on projected windows. For top-hung windows, support arms are available in two models. The first opens to full extension and automatically locks into place. The second, designed to extend only 1.5", opens fully with the addition of a key. Once the key is removed, the arm automatically resets when closed.

product highlights

  • Two different varieties of limit devices are available
  • Limit device will help prevent damage to casement and awning windows under high winds in high-rise applications
  • Two different methods of disconnecting the limit device from the sash for cleaning purposes - either by inserting a key, or by operating the detach clip
  • A variety of track and arm lengths are available for this product
  • Consult the attached drawings to determine the correct length that will be required for the window based on the application of this product. Must be used in pairs to avoid glazing damage to window


Part # Material Type Hinge Pocket Height Length
2129010 Stainless Steel 0.438" 5.5"
2129014 Stainless Steel 0.438" 5.5"
2129015 Stainless Steel 0.438" 5.5"
2129016 Stainless Steel 0.438" 5.5"
2129017 Stainless Steel 0.438" 5.5"
2129018 Stainless Steel 0.438" 5.5"
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel