Maxim® ATC

The Maxim® ATC™ is a mechanism that compliments the Maxim locking system. ATC is the Around The Corner device which cleverly pulls in the top rail of casement and the bottom rail of awning windows sequentially with the locking stile. Optimizing sash and frame engagement with additional locking points the ATC helps improve air, water, and structural window performance.

Product Highlights

•Provides additional locking points for larger or high performance windows
•Additional lock points improve air, water, structural performance depending on window system design
•90 degree, self-locating housing design
•Easily adaptable to casement and awning windows as it is designed for both Maxim MP and MX tie bars
•With high strength plastic housing and stainless steel components a single system can be applied in all applications to limit SKU amount


Part # Material Type Series
14824 Plastic Maxim
14825 Plastic Maxim
14877 Plastic Maxim
15012 Plastic Maxim
15013 Plastic Maxim
15014 Plastic Maxim
15015 Plastic Maxim
2112810 Plastic Maxim
2112812 Plastic Maxim
2112813 Plastic Maxim
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel