Reach 0.433"

QL 3121

Q-Lon foam seals – the ultimate benefits in material and function:

  • Excellent memory – returns to original shape after long compression
  • Stability – low / no stretch gained by rigid insert or glass fiber internal cord
  • Easily compressed – low compression forces, unaffected by temperature variance
  • Acoustics – outstanding acoustic performance
  • Thermal conductivity – unrivaled thermal performance
  • Paint and stain-proof – properties unaffected by standard paints and stains
  • Stabilized – unaffected by rot, fungi, UV-light, or ozone
  • Temperatures – wide operating range under extremely cold and warm weather conditions 

Product Highlights

  • Main Seal Material: Polyurethane foam
  • Seal Operation: hinged, sliding
  • Seal Application: Windows, Window Covering Products, Entry Doors, Internal Doors, Furniture, Universal
  • Seal Fitting Type: universal range
  • Seal gap min:  0.197” (5.00mm)
  • Seal gap max: 0.394” (10.00mm)


Part # Box Quantity Recommended Opening Reach Backing / Kerf Width
QL 3121-9005 1,476' #N/A 0.433" #N/A