Door Hardware Sliding Rollers

Side Adjust

Side Adjust Tandem Rollers feature radial ball bearings that are manufactured  to provide the highest quality assemblies. Machined from high-quality solid steel, our  bearing raceways are heat-treated and plated for wear and corrosion resistance. This method produces long-lasting true running rollers capable of carrying the heaviest loads. Wheels are offered in various diameters with a choice of steel, stainless steel or nylon rolling surfaces .Designed for easy installation and trouble-free service, these high quality radial ball bearing-equipped rollers encompass our  unique advantage in that we manufacture our own ball bearings. This allows us complete control over all aspects of design and production of our roller assemblies. While others may use soft stamped metal parts in the production of their wheels, our bearing raceways are machined from solid steel bar stock on the most modern automatic machines. These rollers are then heat treated for wear resistance and plated for corrosion resistance. This method provides the longest lasting true running rollers capable of carrying the heaviest loads.