Mortise Locks

Two Point Gemini II Locks

The Gemini II 2-point mortise locks has set the standard for 2-point locking in the sliding door industry. Gemini II locks are compatible with all industry standard handle sets and features opposing hooks that can be adjusted individually for proper keeper engagement. We offer a variety of keepers that are compatible with the Gemini II 2-point lock system to accommodate any application. There is also a “keeper locator” available to help ensure proper operation of the lock and keeper.

The Gemini II lock has been built to help customers meet industry standard forced entry requirements with the ability to withstand 1,500 pounds of force. The lock also features an anti-slam pin that prevents damage to the door or locking system hooks by not allowing the hooks to extend unless the door is closed against the frame.

product highlights

  • Recommended for:  aluminum, composite, vinyl, and wood
  • Lock can withstand up to 1,500 lbs. of forced entry
  • Hooks oppose one another to prevent panel lift
  • Individual adjustment of hooks
  • Anti-slam button to prevent false lockup
  • Faceplate options to fit any application
  • Steel and stainless-steel material options
  • Keepers available in various heights and material choices
  • Lock actuator is centered for 3-hole machining or offset by ¾ inches for 4-hole machining
  • Keeper Locator available to ensure good alignment between the lock and keeper in the application


Part # Color Code Color Name Faceplate
2777-00 Steel Steel No Faceplate
2777-84 SS Stainless Steel No Faceplate
2815-00 Steel Steel Short Faceplate/Flush Mount
2815-84 SS Stainless Steel Short Faceplate/Flush Mount
2816-00 Steel Steel Recessed Faceplate
2817-00 Steel Steel Long Faceplate
2817-84 SS Stainless Steel Long Faceplate
2818-00 Steel Steel Recessed Faceplate
4111-63 Steel Steel Long Faceplate (16mm)
ADH-3006-00 Steel Steel Long Faceplate
ADH-3006-84 SS Stainless Steel Long Faceplate
ADH-3008-00 Steel Steel Short Faceplate/Flush Mount
ADH-3008-84 SS Stainless Steel Short Faceplate/Flush Mount
ADH-3012-00 Steel Steel Recessed Faceplate
ADH-3015-00 Steel Steel Recessed Faceplate
ADH-3029-00 Steel Steel No Faceplate
ADH-3029-84 SS Stainless Steel No Faceplate
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel