Handle Sets

Inspirations Wide 5205

Solid brass aesthetically pleasing trimsets and high corrosion resistance!

Product Highlights

  • Popular transitional style that is ergonomically friendly
  • The home-owner can visually verify that lock is engaged with 90-degree thumb-turn rotation
  • The thumb-turn is located above the handle for convenience and ease of use
  • With a Schlage C-keyway cylinder, homeowners can key all doors alike
  • Available in keyed, non-keyed, and passive versions 
  • Integrated key cylinder housing prevents air and water infiltration and offers superior security
  • Gasket behind escutcheon plate reduces air infiltration from the exterior
  • Weep hole on exterior escutcheon plate prevents water collection
  • Available in both active and passive functions


Part # Action Fabrication Pattern
W5205-KB17 Active (Keyed) Special Fabrication

Oil Rubbed Bronzes

Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze