The V400 adjustable guide and set hinges provide vertical and horizontal adjustment for a perfect fit. The 4x4 hinge, is offered in steel, brass, and stainless steel substrates to meet your specifications. 

product highlights

  • Recommended for:  aluminum, composite, vinyl, and wood
  • Seamlessly retrofits a 4” X 4” one-step pocket route with 5/8” corner radius
  • Hex head adjustment screws, not phillips or slotted, to provide secure tool engagement and prevent stripping during adjustment
  • Screw hole locations optimized away from panel edge to prevent accidental wood splitting
  • Panel leaf incorporates a unique shield to keep out debris and provide a premium appearance in the closed position
  • Incorporates Teflon filled bushings for increased wear resistance
  • Non-removable pin (NRP) option available for secure out-swing applications
  • Adjusts 1/4” vertically and 3/16” horizontally
  • Easily reversible for either left or right-hand hinge applications
  • Innovative, patent-pending adjustment mechanism achieves extremely low adjustment torque with a standard 3/32” hex wrench
  • Exceeds BHMA – grade 3 standards for wood, vinyl, aluminum and steel doors.
  • Available in steel, brass, and stainless steel substrates
  • Steel, and many industry standard powder paint colors (PVD recommended for coastal locations)
  • Bushing blends with the hinge finish
  • Matching mounting screws available to blend perfectly with hinges


Part # Substrate Handing Horizontal / Vertical
W11515HRB17 Brass NH Horizontal
W11515HRE3 Brass NH Horizontal
W11515HRE4 Brass NH Horizontal
W11515HRG30 Brass NH Horizontal
W11515HRKB2 Brass NH Horizontal
W11515HRO27 Brass NH Horizontal
W11515HRO28 Brass NH Horizontal
W11515HRPV1 Brass NH Horizontal
W11515HRPV17 Brass NH Horizontal
W11515HRPV30 Brass NH Horizontal
W11515NVRB17 Brass NH Vertical
W11515NVRE3 Brass NH Vertical
W11515NVRG30 Brass NH Vertical
W11515NVRKB2 Brass NH Vertical
W11515NVRKW4 Brass NH Vertical
W11515NVRO27 Brass NH Vertical
W11515NVRO28 Brass NH Vertical
W11515NVRPV17 Brass NH Vertical
W11515VRB17 Brass NH Vertical
W11515VRE3 Brass NH Vertical
W11515VRE4 Brass NH Vertical
W11515VRG30 Brass NH Vertical
W11515VRO27 Brass NH Vertical
W11515VRO28 Brass NH Vertical
W11515VRPV1 Brass NH Vertical
W11515VRPV17 Brass NH Vertical
W11515VRPV30 Brass NH Vertical
W11520HRB17 Steel NH Horizontal
W11520HRE3 Steel NH Horizontal
W11520HRG30 Steel NH Horizontal
W11520HRK30 Steel NH Horizontal
W11520HRKB2 Steel NH Horizontal
W11520HRKH12 Steel NH Horizontal
W11520HRKN4 Steel NH Horizontal
W11520HRKW4 Steel NH Horizontal
W11520HRO27 Steel NH Horizontal
W11520NVRE3 Steel NH Vertical
W11520NVRG30 Steel NH Vertical
W11520NVRKB2 Steel NH Vertical
W11520NVRKN4 Steel NH Vertical
W11520NVRKW4 Steel NH Vertical
W11520NVRO27 Steel NH Vertical
W11520VRE3 Steel NH Vertical
W11520VRG30 Steel NH Vertical
W11520VRK30 Steel NH Vertical
W11520VRKB2 Steel NH Vertical
W11520VRKH12 Steel NH Vertical
W11520VRKN4 Steel NH Vertical
W11520VRKW4 Steel NH Vertical
W11520VRO27 Steel NH Vertical
W11525HRS1 Stainless NH Horizontal
W11525NVRS1 Stainless NH Vertical
W11525VRS1 Stainless NH Vertical




Antique Brass
Antique Brass
Brass PVD
Brass PVD
Bright Brass
Bright Brass


Faux Bronze
Faux Bronze


Satin Chrome
Satin Chrome


Satin Nickel
Satin Nickel
Satin Nickel PVD
Satin Nickel PVD

Oil Rubbed Bronzes

Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze




38 White
38 White