Handle Sets

Sentry® .03

The Sentry hinged patio door system is filled with options from traditional to contemporary, there are distinctly different handle designs with plated or painted finishes to help customize your look.

The thumb-turn above the handle allows for easier access to key cylinder.

product highlights

  • Industry standard 92mm spacing between handle and thumb-turn
  • Family look now available for sliding and hinged door solutions


Part # Function Color Name Active Antique Brass Active Satin Nickel PVD Active White
45.03.JA.101 Active Brass PVD
45.03.JC.101 Active Chrome PVD
45.03.JD.101 Active ORB PVD
45.03.JE.101 Active Brushed Chrome PVD Semi-Active Antique Brass Semi-Active Satin Nickel PVD Semi-Active White
45.03.JA.100 Semi-Active Brass PVD
45.03.JC.100 Semi-Active Chrome PVD
45.03.JD.100 Semi-Active ORB PVD
45.03.JE.100 Semi-Active Brushed Chrome PVD Dummy Satin Nickel PVD
45.03.JC.102 Dummy Chrome PVD
45.03.JD.102 Dummy ORB PVD