Handle Sets


Premium trim sets offer beautiful hardware solutions to compliment any home décor. Performance and operation with patented split spindle design increases set screw penetration resulting in higher handle pull-off force. The integrated key cylinder housing helps prevent air and water infiltration and offers superior security.

product highlights

  • Expanded trim set program offers new handles and larger 10" long escutcheons in addition to standard 8” version
  • The thumb-turn is located above the handle for convenience and ease of use
  • Visually verify that lock is engaged with 90-degree thumb-turn rotation
  • With a Schlage C-keyway cylinder, homeowners can key all doors alike
  • Available in active and passive versions (all passive include dummy plate)
  • PVD Finishes have a lifetime warranty
  • Kits are available for 1.7" and 2" door thicknesses


Part # Plate Color Name Door Thickness
W5207RKB17 Full Round 10" Oil Rubbed Bronze 1.7"
W5207RKPV17 Full Round 10" Oil Rubbed Bronze PVD 1.7"
W5207RNB17 Full Round 10" Oil Rubbed Bronze 1.7"
W5207RNPV17 Full Round 10" Satin Nickel PVD 1.7"


Satin Nickel PVD
Satin Nickel PVD

Oil Rubbed Bronzes

Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze PVD
Oil Rubbed Bronze PVD